NetSeer, Inc. Announces Brand-Safe Retargeting on the Ad Exchanges

First-ever brand-safe retargeting and proactive screening capabilities complement NetSeer’s industry-leading contextual targeting solution, offering content relevance at ad exchange scale and efficiency

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – October 12, 2011 – NetSeer, a leading provider of contextual targeting solutions, has announced the introduction of brand-safe retargeting for display advertisers. By using its patent-pending contextual technology to identify key concepts deep into web pages, NetSeer is able to offer the best, most comprehensive brand safe retargeting solution in the industry, verifying content before placing ads, ensuring that an advertiser’s brand will not be degraded by appearing on a site with objectionable or sensitive content. NetSeer’s retargeting capabilities combine brand safety, complete transparency and content relevance with the scale and efficiency offered by the ad exchanges – all within one advertising solution.

“NetSeer’s solutions were built to find the sweet spots within the ad exchanges – because we know they are there,” added John Mracek, CEO of NetSeer. “The majority of ad buys on the exchanges today are advertisers engaging in blind cookie hunting, mostly retargeting. But they have little control over where their ads appear— and they often show up alongside questionable content. We eliminate that risk and enable advertisers to feel completely confident about advertising in this growing market.”

As a result of the growth in retargeting, brand safety concerns are at an all-time high for advertisers buying aggregated media on ad networks and exchanges. A recent report from The Winterberry Group, Transparency, Brand Safety and the Future of Online Advertising states, “Advertisers overwhelmingly believe that the ‘transparency dilemma’ — concern about where ads ultimately appear across Web publishers — continues to undermine broader investment in display advertising, despite the potential economic efficiencies promised by ad networks, exchanges and other indirect media buying platforms.” NetSeer’s brand-safe retargeting solution solves this dilemma, as well as the issue of efficiently placing ads on the most relevant website content in the secondary market.

NetSeer’s concept-based technology analyzes nearly 1.5 billion impressions each day. NetSeer then applies its contextual technology, using its database of over 50 million concepts, to identify key intent on relevant pages. Unlike other services, NetSeer can even guarantee brand safety for retargeting campaigns. Next, its page-level sensitivity filters automatically blacklist pages with sensitive categories, including pornography and other adult content, drugs, hate speech and more. For example, this level of sensitivity ensures that an automobile company’s ads will not appear on a site that has hate speech on it. This combination of advanced capabilities ensures complete brand safety and content relevance.

Further, unlike ad verification solutions, which are post facto and tells advertisers where the ads already ran, NetSeer’s retargeting proactively keeps ads off offensive or sensitive content. With the ability to analyze and understand web content and content at scale and target ads based on user intent at the time the ad is being served, NetSeer Media takes ad targeting to a new level.

“NetSeer’s technology blows away the myth that ad exchanges are not quality places for advertisers to connect,” said Ralph Thompson, President of eBrains, a digital marketing firm, and 35-year veteran of the ad industry. “With its ability to find contextually relevant inventory beyond the usual premium sites without compromising brand integrity, NetSeer allows me to assure my clients that they will receive near-perfect brand safety at scale and reach a relevant audience – all at exchange- level pricing. We work with major destination brands in the travel and tourism industry and the majority of them now have NetSeer as a smart strategic part of their digital solution. In fact, the reach, relevancy and brand safety provided by NetSeer eliminates the need to consider other display resources and saves our clients time and money.”

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NetSeer, Inc. provides contextual targeting to advertisers that determines user intent from a web page with the same accuracy as traditional search. Using its patented technology called the Concept Map, NetSeer delivers measurable gains in online ad performance previously unattainable in Internet advertising. The company offers two primary lines of business: NetSeer Media for Advertisers and ConceptLinks for Web Publishers. With a reach of 95% of the U.S. Internet population, NetSeer analyzes over 100 billion impressions per month on behalf of hundreds of advertisers. The company received its initial funding from Onset Ventures and Mission Ventures. NetSeer is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. For more information, please visit


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