with Us

What We Look For

Every idea and every business venture is unique. When considering a potential investment, there are three key attributes that we look for:

  1. Great people. We’re looking for a team with the knowledge, passion and experience to succeed in their target markets.
  2. A large market opportunity. We seek companies with the potential to be large, independent businesses where market conditions support rapid growth.
  3. A competitive advantage. Our ideal company has a market, technical or business model advantage that enables it to be uniquely competitive.

What We Provide

Our investments range from several hundred thousand to several million dollars in an initial round of funding. We also provide a broad range of resources to entrepreneurs, including future financing assistance, an extensive recruiting network, industry contacts and infrastructure support.

Talk to Us

If you have an idea you’d like to discuss with us, please contact a member of our investment team or submit the information via email. The ideal format is a two-to-five page executive summary or business overview, plus team resumes.

Confidentiality Assured

We respect the sensitive nature of new business ideas. Our reputation is critical to our success, so we are careful not to divulge information inappropriately. For legal reasons, we are unable to sign non-disclosure agreements before a basic idea is presented.